About us

Ancient Italian traditions as well as personal lifestyles and stories are all mixed in Gondos Shoes. The name is inspired by the Gondoliers of Venice who once wore the shoe type not only because of their elegance and comfort but also due to the thin rubber sole that was gentle to the fragile Mahogny hull.

The shoe model called friulane in Italy, is worn by international icons such as Giorgio Armani and Kate Moss, but is equally popular among greengrocers at the local piazza and students at the aperitivo hangout. The fact that you can wear them with your favourite pair of worn-out jeans, and the next time at a dinner party feeling elegant makes them the perfect all-occasion shoe.

Swedish born Amelie Franchin is married to an Italian and has spent half her life in Italy. When she first came across the Friulane slippers she immediately fell in love. The simple but striking elegance, the handcraft involving history, culture and tradition, their adaptability to various tastes and circumstances, and finally their timeless design represents the essence of Italy and Italians. Amelie felt an urge to promote this wonderful piece of craft to the rest of the world. She contacted her friend and entrepreneur from Sweden P A Tamm and in spring 2018 they founded the company Gondos Shoes. They are now out for a long walk around the world!

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